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Breaking Records Media is a full-service media company that offers clients a unique, personal experience and working environment. With a talented team of smart, creative and driven professionals, Breaking Records Media has developed insights to bring entertainment to viewers and growth to brands looking to expand. 


Alexis Bloomer is an accomplished journalist, entrepreneur and author. With extensive knowledge in the media field including past experience; hosting her own stage show, reporting live from red carpet events, hosting her own talk show on SIRIUS XM and more, she provides the client with inside knowledge of the media field. As a graduate from the Dan Rather School of Journalism at Sam Houston State University and previous intern for Mr. Rather himself, she has emerged herself in various production and marketing settings. As a past intern, Mr. Rather, said, “Alexis has earned my highest recommendation, which is not often given and never lightly.” He went on to write that in his 30+ years, Alexis was one of the top 2 or 3 interns he was worked with. In addition to her experience, she was awarded the prestigious Sammy Award, which is given to one female senior who has had the greatest overall impact at Sam Houston as a whole. In the media industry, she won the Intercollegiate “On Site Radio Broadcasting” award at the State of Texas competition in 2014. From a young age, she has emerged herself in the media industry and worked hard to preserve journalistic integrity. 


Now, she wants to use her experience to not only bring entertainment to viewers, but also provide those in the media industry with an outlet for their creative ideas. At the age of 15, she wrote on a piece of paper that she would start Breaking Records Media by the time she was 30 and give a chance to those who want to showcase their talent, just like several people did for her. Now, she is bringing you the opportunity to film, photograph and brand yourself out of the Breaking Records Media Dream Factory located in Salado, TX, the same town that she first discovered her dreams. We encourage you to let Breaking Records Media help you accomplish your goals.

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